7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Condo At Parc Clematis

The people of the 21st century believe in effective civilization and high standards of living. With the advent of the motto-“Happiness begins at Home”, very few houses bring you the homeliness of a home. If you are contemplating on which house to buy, we’ll give you a few good reasons why you should try out Park Clematis Condo.   

Ranges and Options

This 1500 units supporting area, has a wide range of flats to select from. Starting from 1bhk and going towards 5bhk, we are very sure that it will have everything that a family is looking for. With a history of beautiful architectures and buildings gifted to the skyline of Singapore, the Sing Hai Yi developers are yet to come up with these 25 storey apartments which will bring everyone tranquility, homeliness, and security which they are searching for.

Schools and Colleges

There are many prestigious colleges and schools around Parc Clematis. To name a few are Clementi Secondary, Nan Hua Primary, Commonwealth Secondary, etc. Situated at less than 5 minutes walk from your home, your children will inculcate the independence of walking alone and will get ample of time saved for studies. Not only schools but many honorary colleges are also situated here too like National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic.

Upcoming Project

While the government has aimed to decentralize and branch out the Central business of Singapore by launching the Jurong Innovation District Plan, this has only benefitted Parc Clematis. Jurong Innovation will be the topmost business Hub and will house all major business fields in its quarters. Each and every innovation towards smart living is creditable to this.

How are the residents at Parc Clematis benefitted? Well, situated at less than 10 minutes of walking distance, this project will be established in the neighborhood of our condo. Car sharing, walking, cycling will be hugely promoted, hence benefitting reduced expenses, nearby workplace, and your imperturbable moment with nature.

Shopping Belt

Not only will the industrialization section be benefitted by buying this condo, but one can also go out and shop till they drop at this shopping belt. The up-and-coming project has been built keeping in mind the needs of the residents they will house in. Hence, consider the locality as your gift from the developers. Shopping chains, malls, cafes all have been accumulated together.

Clubs and Courtyards

For the elite businessmen, there are a number of famous clubhouses which will ease up your shoulders and let them unwind themselves over a drink or two. Some of them which are situated at a 7-10 minutes drive are Arena Country Club, British Club, Singapore Country Club, and Swiss Club.


Owing to the close proximity of vital transportation facilities, expressway and MRT station, the condominium is priced at $1350 per square foot.

On-campus amenities

Although Parc Clematis is shielded from the excessive worldly noises by the lush green gardens which surround the entire circumference of the campus, the buzzing of the street is still something which is enjoyed by most people. To stimulate this feeling, it also has many on-campus facilities like a humongous barbeque pit, unisex gymnasiums, large swimming pools, tennis courts to unwind, and of course the lush green gardens.