One Pearl Bank Condominiums – Essentials You Need To Know

Being developed by one of the reputable and successful builders of Singapore, CapitaLand Limited, One Pearl Bank condos have become the most unique and demanded residential properties of the year. It is not just good for living but these condos are also a super good place to invest your money. The builders are redeveloping the site which was previously known as One Pearl Apartments but now it is being converted into a green haven with condos, studio apartments, penthouses, etc.

The Green Place – The most important thing about this residential site which makes it one of a kind is that it is loaded with greenery. There are plants, shrubs, and trees everywhere. Almost 75% of the total area of the site is covered with greenery. Also, it is set beside a 9-hectare big park i.e. Pearl Bank Park, so residents are going to have some quality, tranquilized and healthy lifestyle.   

Location of One Pearl Bank – The residential site is located at Pearl hill of Pearl Bank in Singapore. The location of the site is appropriate for the people to reside in because it is just a few minutes away from Orchard Road shopping belt and also it is perched on the outskirts of CBD (Central Business District). So, residents will have easy access to all kinds of commercial facilities and amenities.   

The layout of the site – The whole structure of One Pearl Bank consists of two tall and curved towers that look like a horseshoe shape from the aerial view. The towers have 39 stories, 774 residential units and 650 units of parking lots with extra 5 units for handicapped accessible parking lots. The area of the entire site is 82,376 sq ft and the total floor area is 667,245 sq ft which makes 8.1 as the plot ratio of the site. There are five types of units which are available in different types of floor plans i.e. from one bedroom to five bedrooms.

Lifestyle – The residents are going to experience a top-notch lifestyle standard living in these units as the towers are surrounded by all kinds of facilities like shopping malls, recreational parks, and a lot more things. The proposed plan of Greater Southern Waterfront is being built near this residential site, so once it is completed, residents can go there and enjoy their weekend. Also, people can go for shopping, fun and many other things to CBD which is near the condos.

Connectivity – As mentioned above, One Pearl Bank is located near the Outram Park MRT which will easily connect to multi-line MRT stations like Doby Ghaut, Marina Bay, etc. Also, Thompson East Coast Line had been proposed to build near these towers, so residents will have excellent connectivity option to the rest of the district and nearby places. Apart from that, the site is also connected to Central Expressway which will provide good connectivity to all the other major highways and different parts of the country.       

All these facts are enough to say that these condos are the best residential units in Singapore till date. You can reserve your desired unit by registering on their website and booking a showflat visit.