Pick The Right Racking System Which Suits Your Warehouse Best

Choosing effective racks in a warehouse, as per the sector in which you are dealing with is considered one of the most important tasks. If you pick the right one, half of the work is done and you also get to protect yourself from quick replacements and repairs in the future. In case, you are looking for the best deals, it is recommended to go through kingmorack.com/warehouse-racks for once.

Things you should consider before purchasing racks

Inventory range, volume, and size

In the first place, you have to decide the type of inventory you are dealing with. If you have an inventory which is big and heavy, you are required to use racks which are heavily built. Contrary to this, you can go for medium weight racks which are based on FIFO and you can easily take care of perishable goods. One can also choose different types of inventory rack as per the total number of goods which you are required to store at a time.

Access frequency

Warehouses which require frequent access of goods daily should purchase racks which are based on FILO and FIFO style and provide a great deal of ease in quick access of stored goods. The selective system is also considered as the most favorable option in case you have to access the racks daily. On the other hand, you can opt for denser racks if you don’t have to access the pallets frequently.

Cost and space

Initially, you are required to calculate the total cost of working capital which you can easily put in for the purchase of the racking system. You should calculate the total area of the inventory before the purchase of the racks. Buying racking which is bulky and congested will hinder proper warehousing process. In case the space of the warehouse is limited, you should go for a tailored racking as they will manage the vertical and horizontal area in a warehouse perfectly.

Different types of racking which you can buy

Carton flow

These racks are considered as cost-effective and support a high density of goods in a warehouse. With this rack, you can increase the overall productivity of your organization. Carton flow racking system eliminates the process of bending and reaches straight inside of the pallet rack. Here you also get a chance to get enhanced pickup location.

Narrow aisle rack

In case you have space issue inside the warehouse, narrow aisle racks can provide you ultimate help. These racking protect the pallets from getting damaged, thus also considered ideal for FMCG goods or fragile items. The racking also offers you direct access at pallet location.

Boltless racks

These racking are well known for their aesthetic beauty, versatility, and functionality. It is very economical and suited even for heavy items. One of the best features of this racking is product visibility, this offers you to pick inventory seamlessly. You also get a chance to customize these racks as per your desire which increases the shelf life of the goods.