Top Tips To Customize Your BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are creating a buzz among the youth nowadays. These bikes are used for street riding and performing stunts. These bikes are very powerful as compared to normal bikes and specially designed for rough handling. They absorb all the jerks and shocks while performing stunts. There are different bikes for different purposes like riding in parks, street, trails jumping, flatland and race. You can see this article at BMX online to get more details about the bike.

Many professional riders like to get their bikes personalized so that it can complement their personality and add to their style statement. Many people go for a personalization option to make the rides more comfortable. Some of the ways by which you can customize your bike are as follows:

  • Frame – frame is the basic part of the bike. Some riders prefer lightweight frames and those who perform heavy stunts prefer heavy frames to be stable while performing. Choose the frame and material according to your purpose. Steel is often used in these bikes as it is highly resistant to corrosion and very durable. It is very easy to repair and has low maintenance. If you will be using the bike for race purpose, you should go for aluminum material. It is very lightweight and reduces body weight while you are riding.
  • Paint – painting your frame is like providing it a new life. Many people go with their favorite paints and many go with the shades of trending paints. You can also paint the frame yourself using the spray paints. You can go with one solid color for the whole bike but if you want a colorful bold look, you can include different shades in your bike. Many professionals also go with a personalized logo or signature on their bike to make it unique. You can also paint other parts of the bike like to make it more amazing.
  • Parts – there are many professionals that go for customized seats according to their height. Some go for customization of the front portion. You can decide upon the parts which you want to customize according to your need. Standard rims come in the size of 20 inches. You can go with the bigger one like 22- 24 inches for trail riding. If you like heavy riding, you can go with 36 spokes on your bike. If you want to enjoy a street riding experience, you can go with 32 spokes as it will be light-weighted. Go with the tires that can easily bear the pressure of 110 psi. Choosing the correct bike parts will allow you to perform the tricks and stunts easily without any problem.
  • Assemble – after framing, painting and deciding upon all the parts that you want to go for, you can assemble all the parts and join them carefully. Make sure all the screws and joints are securely tightened for safety purpose. After assembling all the parts, you are ready to go for a ride on your custom made BMX bikes.