3 Key Elements To Consider When Looking For A New Canopy Pop Up Tent

Canopy pop up tents are very popular these days due to their functionality and practicality. They can be used for having a celebration or for business purposes. Regardless of why you need one, you will want to consider three crucial factors. They can make a difference between having the best possible canopy pop up tent and the one that doesn’t meet your expectations as you hoped.


It isn’t strange that size of a canopy pop up tent is the first and therefore the main factor to consider. When looking for the ideal size you need to consider the purpose. If you are planning to have guests, then each chair will need 6 square feet of space. This is essential for lecture-based purposes. If you add tables, you will need 12 square feet of space per person, when using round tables. Rectangular tables require a bit less space, so 10 square feet of space per person is sufficient. You can click here and check a few models that will meet your expectations.

For most of you, 10×10 feet in size will be a great choice. You get a decent combination between the size and weight and you can use it for multiple operations. If you are a salesman then you will likely need a smaller tent, with a size of 6×6 feet. If you want a lot more space, then 12×12 feet tents are probably the best option.

Frame material

Canopy pop up tents are simple in constructions and they basically have just a few elements. The frame is one of them and as such it has huge importance. In most tents, a frame is made either from steel or aluminum. Steel is heavier but stronger. It is recommended for models which won’t be as transported as often as possible and which must withstand all kinds of weather.

Aluminum frames are lighter but weaker. They are excellent when it comes to portability and price. You will generally have a great tent that can be folded and moved to another location within minutes and you can easily move the frame.

Portable or heavy-duty canopy pop up tent?

The last factor is to decide are you looking for a heavy-duty model or a portable one. There are several differences. The first one is obvious. Heavy-duty models can withstand harsh weather and they can be erected for a long period of time. Think of them as commercial canopy pop up tents.

Portable models can be erected for 24 hours and they can’t withstand harsh weather. On the other side, they are more affordable and they are lightweight so moving them around is easier than with the first type.


Perhaps these factors sound simple or too ordinary, and they are. However, they will help you get the best possible canopy pop up tent which will match your criteria just perfectly and serve you for many years to come. We hope that we helped you in making a right choice.