Composite Decking: What You Will Actually Get?

There is a lot of attention focused on the composite decking boards today. If you are new to this realm, you will want to know which benefits you will actually get. First and foremost, you need to know some basics. All of that and much more will be explained right here right today.


According to Dino Decking, composite boards are made mostly out of recycled material. As a matter of fact, they consist of 55% recycled wood, 40% out of HDPE, recycled as well and 5% are additives. Additives include glue and other compounds that hold everything in place. So, the first thing you learned is that this form of decking is environmentally friendly, but it still looks excellent and modern.

30 years life expectancy

The next main thing to consider is that this decking platform is long-lasting. In reality, they can last up to 30 years when constantly exposed to the elements and the weather in the United Kingdom. The life expectancy is between 25 and 30 years but most of the older owners reported that their decks are still usable after 30 years so you can get a clear picture.

15 years warranty

Decks with 15 year warranty and rare even these days and homeowners should know that they are only possible when the best possible materials are used. Well, composite decking comes with 15 years long warranty, meaning they can last more than that. Nevertheless, the price is considered as affordable, so this may be the answer for the homeowners who are looking for a new deck on a tight budget.

Weather resistant

We did mention that composite decks are weather resistant. After all, they can last for 30 years when exposed to the weather in the United Kingdom, which tells a lot. But, they are also anti-slip and anti-mold. All of this simply means that the decks can stay in perfect condition for years and they require a little maintenance. We should add that they are anti-splinter as well. When it comes to the upper surface we must add that they are non-slip so you can walk freely even when the boards are completely wet.

Better than timber?

Yes, they are actually better than timber which is commonly used for deck construction today. First and foremost, they are eco-friendly. They can last longer than timber and they are anti-mold. All of the just mentioned issues affect ordinary wood forcing homeowners to perform complicated maintenance and repairs. If we add the aforementioned life expectancy we can see that composite boards are an excellent alternative and better one compared to timber.

The final word

Composite boards are the next best thing which for most homeowners in the United Kingdom or other parts of the globe and they are just perfect. If you are considering this option, be free to go with it. The only potential issue is the look of the deck when completed. It looks different, which also can be an advantage for some of you.