Differences In Hoverboards For Indoor And Outdoor Use

We all know what a Hoverboard is. But, there are two main differences. Some are made for indoor and flat surface outdoor use, while others can be used on medium rough terrain. There are a few differences between these models. The first thing to keep in mind is that all models can be used indoor and outdoor, on smooth surfaces. However, specific models can be used outdoors on medium rough surfaces.

Wheel diameter

Models with smaller wheels which can be 6 or 6.5 inches in diameter are usually designed for indoor use but they can be used outdoor, on perfectly smooth surfaces. This allows you to ride them on most occasions but not in all. Models that are more capable, therefore they can be used for rougher terrain have larger wheels, usually around 8 inches in diameter.

This is also the main difference between these two types. Larger wheels mean that a unit can pass through cracks on the pavement or small hills on the off-road terrain. An interesting fact is that larger wheels make them more stable and increase the top speed.

Electric motor power

Models that are capable of passing and being ridden on rough terrain have stronger electric motors. This is mandatory due to the fact they need extra power to carry a user across terrain which comes with small hills. For fanatics who prefer rough terrain rides these models are the best thing and they are generally faster in the straight line than smaller models, with low-power electric motors.


It is a well-known fact that all hoverboards have tires. Yes they are small and the threads look the same, but this isn’t always the truth. Units for off-roading have bigger threads. They use them in order to provide grip on sand and surfaces such as dirt. Ordinary hoverboards can still be used on dirt but the traction they provide is much lower. The difference can be seen in the tire material. Off-road models have harder mixture or rubber which is essential for this kind of terrain.

Battery and charging time difference

Because they have bigger electric motors and larger wheels, off-road hoverboards or the ones designed for rough terrains have bigger batteries. In general, this increases their range by 20% at least. Some models have even better range and they can be used for the entire day or even more. A bigger battery also means that charging time is slightly longer, but this can be neglected if we know that it is usually 10-20 minutes longer.

The final word

If you are looking for hoverboards that can be used on all different terrains, you will need a model with 8-inch wheels, a bigger electric motor, and a bigger battery. A model with all of these can perform superbly on sand, dirt and uneven terrain. If you are planning to ride it only indoor and on smooth surfaces, 6-inch wheels and smaller electric motor are more than just sufficient.