Different Uses Of Figurine Models

Figurine models are popular in various creative fields around the world. They are human-like figures that are flexible enough to emulate all the movements of humans which is perfectly suitable for creative purposes.

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The following are some of the areas where figurines are heavily used.

Drawing and painting

One of the most important areas where these are used is drawing and painting. These models provide flexibility so that artists can create a reference scenario using them and draw their masterpieces a bit more easily. If you are an artist, you will know how difficult it is to draw a human body without any reference. These artificial models are a cheap and a great way for you to begin human drawings without the need for an actual human as a reference.

Animation and graphics design

Mostly, animators and graphic designers have humans as a reference to create their work. But while creating something completely original, they often use figurine models. They are perfect for animation and graphic design as they can be set into conditions where normal humans can’t be. For example, while creating a superhero movie you may need a flying model to visualize your character and emulate different poses that a superhero must have to do. All this cannot be done by humans, which is why figurine models are used as references in animation and graphics designing.


Manga is just the Japanese name for comics and figurine models are heavily used in this industry. Comics often depict things that normal humans can’t do and there is a need for consistency in character designs as they will be present throughout the comics. Amid fans will notice even the slightest differences in the character designs, which is why figurines are used so that there can be consistency in the overall design of the characters.

Fashion designing

This is another field which heavily relies on figurines is the fashion industry. As new trends and developments are always up and coming in this field, it is impossible to have a model for every design a designer makes. This is why figurines are present in large numbers in firms related to fashion designs.Sports apparels are designed with a focus on durability which needs to be tested out in different conditions. Figurines are dressed up in clothes designed by the designers and then various tests are conducted to ensure that they are fit to be launched in the market.


Photography can be tricky when you start, this is why professional photographers advice beginners to use figurines for practicing the best shots in various poses. Experienced photographers also use these to create new and better poses. It can also be used to practice out your skills by emulating the conditions for a photoshoot and testing out its feasibility.