Why Deep Cleaning Is Better Than Conventional Cleaning?

Maintaining your home hygiene can come in two forms. The first one is regular cleaning which is great if you already have a clean home and you need to perform a part of regular maintenance. But, what about deep cleaning? It is actually better and it can be mandatory in case, you have some kind of inspection or you want to live in a germ-free home. What deep cleaning includes and more will be answered below.

Cleaning vents

According to maid services Edmonton Alberta service provider , cleaning vents is a mandatory part of the deep cleaning service. There are several reasons for that. The first one is in the fact vents accumulate dust and debris. Eventually, they will start blowing that dust into the living space and probably cause severe health issues. Air vents must be cleaned once per 6 months in order to prevent this issue. If you live or lived in an area where builders worked, you definitely need to inspect your air vents and clean them.

Power outlets

Cleaning power outlets may look like a simple and well-known fact but you usually don’t think of the end result. When power outlets are clean, your home will get a much better look. Try this at least once and you will see. After all, power outlets are something we look at every single day and we are in touch a few times during a day. Keeping them clean can make a massive difference.

This is actually a trick realtors use. The power outlets are cleaned before you inspect a house. This gives you an impression of a perfectly clean home which was remodeled making you want it more and more.

Ceiling fan cleaning

A ceiling fan comes in touch with dust every single day. Because it cannot filter or remove them, it will literally store them on the fans and housing. Eventually, it will start releasing the dust into the living space and force you to breathe in those particles. Cleaning a ceiling fan is more than just recommended and desirable. It should be cleaned every 2 months in order to prevent just mentioned issues.

Removing cobwebs

How many cobwebs are there in your house right now? If you don’t know the answer which is the best case scenario you have 3 of them. If you know the answer you will notice that it is higher than number 3. The point here is that cobwebs are present in every house and the only way you can completely remove them is using deep cleaning service or cleaning them by yourself. It is possible unless you are scared of spiders.


Deep cleaning can’t be categorized as a completely new form of cleaning. It can be explained as another level of standard cleaning or an addition to it. All we know is that it is definitely needed and desirable for countless reasons. If you tried it already you know how much it transformed your home and how better you felt afterward.