Why Living In An Avenue South Residence Condo Is A Great Option?

Not many people want to live in a city where they have to deal with traffic jams while commuting to and fro from their office? Metropolitan cities are also much polluted and they are relatively unsafe for elderly and children due to high crime rates. By keeping such points into consideration smart citizens have started to buy condominiums in Avenue South Residence where they get various amenities beyond safety and a clean environment.

Various reasons to buy a condo in Avenue South Residence

Home Owners Association

When you own a house in a city you have to deal with property tax payment on your own. Contrary to this, members of HOA will guide you thoroughly in preparing the tax statement about your condominium. This process will also make you preserve much of your time and give you ease of mind. Experts have knowledge of property tax payment thus you can also save yourself from unwanted penalty charges.

Great number of facilities

In metropolitan cities, you might have to travel miles away from your place to go to malls, recreational parks, and excellent gymnasiums. Whereas in a Township builders make such facilities at a walking distance from residential flats. Moreover, you will also get various other facilities like public libraries, healthcare facilities, premium schools, etc. Thus, you don’t even have to send your kids far away from home to get an education on a daily basis.

It is cost effective

Yes, unlike speculations as made by many, buying a condominium is economic in comparison to owning a house in the city. Here you have to pay a monthly payment to HOA and they will handle proper maintenance of your condominium. They will see to it that you are getting proper surveillance and the interior and exterior of your condo has refined finishing. Professionals will also send plumbers and electricians right away to your condo if it faces any difficulties.

Ease of accessibility

Townships are located at the outskirts of the city, near express highways. Thus, they provide you a great opportunity to get to railway terminals and airports. Moreover, for the facilities of residents, builders also construct several terminal stations at the vicinity of the Township which will also provide you aid during your travel. Contrary to this, in cities to catch a train or a flight you have to leave your house two to three hours in advance which you don’t have to do in a Township.

Less competition

Unlike cities, Townships do not have much competition; this feature provides a genuine aid to an opportunist to settle his or her business with ease. Moreover, since these townships are in the expanding phase, thus the resale value of your property also gets increased in the upcoming future. The government also provides aid to people in establishing a business in Townships since it provides great job opportunities.

Good community

Townships also possess great community thus it is safe for your children to play outside. Builders provide various check posts around the townships’ exit so that unsocial elements could not enter the premises. This feature will provide you peace of mind while you are not around your children.