About the Community

Together we share, together we progress, and together we make photography masters!


Our community of photographers is always curious to learn the art of photography in different ways. They try together, they think together, and they act together to come up with more creativity in whatever they do.

Our unity is our strength! If one expert is stuck in some problem, the rest of them instantly come together to help! So, when you get your answers, do consider that this is the outcome of multiple brains having one opinion!

Our community is pretty versatile in terms of preferences and way of answering. So, you are likely to get two different tips from two different experts. That’s appreciable, right?

We have a vision: To make each probable seeker a smart Apple-based professional photographer! There is no commercial intent here at all! This has motivated us to form a virtual community where each member or visitor has something to share, tell, narrate, support, train, and guide. With such experts, we are sure to fulfill our mission of self-sufficient photographers! Both the vision and mission are achievable through the values of transparency, fairness, and integrity.


We strongly believe in sharing the gained photography knowledge. This is because we are of the firm opinion that sharing means boosting one’s own knowledge.